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Join us for an unforgettable experience that’s not just about learning Taekwondo – it’s about making memories, building confidence, and having a blast together!”

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Taekwondo Classes Newtown, CT


The dojang where young martial artists fall in love with Taekwondo for the first time. While we are home to a wide range of athletes, we consider our training of children to be our strongest suit.

Our founder, Master Hyeeun Kim, has extensive experience teaching pre-K to elementary school-aged children. She is not only passionate about imparting her love for Taekwondo to her students but teaching them skills that will apply to all areas of their lives – whether it’s at home, in school or with friends.

Master Heny believes that Taekwondo teaches lessons of respect, teamwork, kindness, self-control, and integrity, and incorporates these values into each and every one of her classes.





Why Taekwondo is important


All of our students are expected to exhibit good manners and politeness towards their instructors and classmates.


We teach that respect is not just bowing to your instructor, but listening to your parents at home and paying attention to your teachers at school.


By always practicing honesty in the dojang, we’re teaching our students how to apply truth and morality to all areas of their lives.


Taekwondo teaches students how to manage their energy, emotions and instincts.


Taekwondo not only teaches students how to execute cool new moves, but how to do so safely.


You can’t perfect a kick on your first try! As a Taekwondo student, you’ll quickly learn that patience and practice are the secrets to success.

Based on 24 reviews
Aleksandra Olecka
Aleksandra Olecka
We’ve been attending many studios (moved a lot) and Master Heny is one of the best. She is great with kids, my son could literally go to her classes every day if it was possible 😂.
Derrick Yip
Derrick Yip
Highly recommend! She’s great with children of all ages and her teachings have a lasting impact. Compassion, discipline, and sportsmanship is engraved from the first lesson on.
Kirsten Ellison
Kirsten Ellison
If I could give more than a 5 star rating, I would!! Master Heny is truly wonderful. She is so kind, patient, and her skill level is beyond impressive! I feel honored to be part of her adult class, learning Taekwondo from such a fantastic instructor! 10/10 would recommend!!! :)
Jamie D'allacco
Jamie D'allacco
I can not begin to say enough Great things about Newtown World Champion Taekwondo. Master Heny is amazing with her students. She is great at motivating them and building their self esteem. The environment is welcoming and fun and my son loves coming to class. As a parent I love watching his progress each week and know we have found the right fit for us.
Gina Kane
Gina Kane
Wonderful experience, my son loves coming here. The teacher is kind, educational and very welcoming!! Highly recommend.
Tracy McCafferty
Tracy McCafferty
I highly recommend Master Heny. My eight-year-old son was very hesitant to start, but as soon as he met her he opened up and smiled the whole session. I am so happy he is comfortable and excited to go to class.
Robert Aldrich
Robert Aldrich
Based on Master Heny’s Taekwondo work with our two boys, I highly recommend Newtown World Champion. She is very dedicated and makes the learning environment fun and energetic.
C Boccuzzi
C Boccuzzi
Master Heny is a delight as a teacher. The class was fun and engaging. A great adventure for adult looking to have fun.
Master Heny is a very experienced teacher, who works great with students of all ages! If you are looking to begin Taekwondo and are considering World Champion Taekwondo Newtown, I highly recommend that you do!
This school is close to my heart and I know the program Master Heny teach is great for children and adults. I loved my training from Master Heny and many others.