At World Champion Taekwondo, Our Motto is Simple

“Once I Start, I Have to Finish!”

Our Philosophy

From day one, we teach our students the value of hard work and perseverance. No matter the age, our martial artists are taught that winning and losing go hand in hand. If you want to earn a new belt or master a new skill, you have to overcome challenges first!

By utilizing a teaching method that is gentle, uplifting, and disciplined, Master Heny is passionate about helping her students accomplish their goals, face their fears, and grow into adults with a strong work ethic and self-confidence.

Master Heny (=Hyeeun Kim)

Headmaster of Newtown World Champion Taekwondo

Master Heny (=Hyeeun Kim)

Master Heny started Taekwondo when she was 7 in South Korea. She began by asking her father to let her start training in Taekwondo. In the beginning, he refused because he thought Taekwondo is not for girls. After 1 year of begging, however, he figured out that Master Heny really wanted to learn Taekwondo. She started competing as a Poomsae athlete in 2009 and has since received over 70 medals. Her biggest achievement was when she received a gold medal at the US Open Taekwondo Championship in 2015.

And now, Master Heny is the first and only female headmaster from the World Champion Taekwondo school!

Master Heny feels that it is very important for young students to build up their character and has seen time and time again how learning Taekwondo has helped them. Her goal is to help them to follow the good path to become a better person both physically and mentally.

WCT for Demonstrations

World Champion Taekwondo is available for schools and local events for demonstrations. Contact us for more information!


While World Champion Taekwondo’s story is just beginning, Master Hyeeun Kim’s isn’t. Master Heny began training in Taekwondo at the age of seven, despite the stereotype that “Taekwondo is for boys.” Nonetheless, she pushed past these misconceptions and followed her passion.

After spending her childhood training in Korea, the country where the art form of Taekwondo originated, Master Heny moved to the United States to study martial arts at the University of Bridgeport. After she graduated and moved from student to teacher, Master Heny began teaching at schools and serving as a coach and referee for the USA Taekwondo National Championships. Quickly, she realized that teaching Taekwondo was her calling. She loved watching her students excel, both as martial artists and as people. Before long, Master Heny decided to open a school of her own so that she could use Taekwondo to help as many students as possible!